Shopping Getaway

 November. The month of change. Autumn is saying goodbye and winter hello. The air is fresh, and the music gets better and people are happier.

November started slowly. Juggling school and work as usually. This trip to Germany was on my calendar for a long time. What do I love in life? Adventures and shopping and this quick getaway had both. I ventured into the little streets full of people of Flensburg looking for mulled wine and chocolate. I love winter, but I prefer to stay inside where I can slowly sip a cup of tea and read a good book, so I had to buy some candy to last me this winter. I was acting like a bear getting ready for hibernation. It was the weekend after Black Friday and everyone was out on the streets. The Christmas Market was making the streets even more cramped but that did not ruin my mood. I went from shop to shop looking for a drink to keep me warm, clothes and Christmas gifts. I have to say, all I can see now is Christmasy. All the way to Germany I was singing Christmas songs and playing who can see the green cars first.

I do not now what is with me. But for the past few months, I feel like I can not wear pants. Since I wear pants at work I want to wear something more comfortable when I go out. So I either wear skirts, dresses or shorts with tights. So easy to pair with either a warm jacket or if it is not that cold just a fuzzy sweater. The shirt that I have on makes me think of Christmas because of the color and the material. At the end of the night, I was a bit cold but I think if I would have changed my shoes with some boots I would have been perfect.

December is a day away and soon we start the gifts season! So buckle up and be happy!


Photo credits: Alex Iuga

Location: Flensburg, Germany

Vintage leather jacket

 Stradivarius Faux fur vest

Vintage Shoes

H&M Bag

Pull&Bear Shirt

Villa Shorts


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